Beautiful Libraries Around the World

Beautiful Libraries Around the World

Beautiful libraries have been around as long as man has been writing. Many civilizations worldwide have had a building designed for this purpose, which is why there are such beautiful libraries in China, Japan, and Italy. Today, a new library is something to look forward to during the Christmas holidays, and even during other times of the year.


A library is generally considered to be a public building that provides a place to study, research, or relax in general. Often, a library will have high shelves and a very tall bookcase so people can look at all of the books on the shelf at one time. It is common to see a high ceiling with rows upon rows of bookshelves and even some stairs located within the library’s main section. However, most libraries will not have any of these typical amenities and have no ceiling or floor to ceiling viewing areas.


The majority of libraries in North America are in buildings that are call cathedrals. Therefore, the library is often considered an educational facility that teaches a person how to read. Some libraries also have art galleries, music rooms, chapels, and sometimes even a prayer room.

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A couple of things that most of these beautiful libraries do not have is a ceiling or floor to the ceiling viewing area. A good way to visualize what a library would look like without these amenities would be to picture a large warehouse with multiple levels. These warehouses are commonly referred to as shopping malls and are very common in Chicago, where a person can find just about anything under the sun. A library could very easily be classified in the same manner as an indoor mall with aisles of different sizes. However, most libraries do have wide-open spaces with floor to ceiling viewing areas.


The first thing that you notice when visiting the most beautiful libraries is the reading room layout. Most libraries have been designed so that the writer can freely move throughout the library at will; this allows for a much larger readers area, also known as a circulating desk. To make up for this, some libraries have been clever enough to cleverly arrange furniture so that one can easily get around the room without having to move from one section to another. Another great feature of most libraries is the large spiral staircase that leads up to the third-floor reading room.


Another feature that many libraries offer that other venues do not is an on-site coffee shop, snack bar, or miniature park. Many libraries also have coffee houses on their premises and provide the customers with free hot beverages and snacks on request. Another unique service that most have is a children’s corner that allows parents to remain a step behind their children while completing their homework. Another service that most offer is babysitting on a daily or weekly basis. These services are top-rated, especially in high crime neighborhoods where it may be impossible to find a sitter.

public computer terminal

Many libraries offer one other unique feature is a public computer terminal or multiple computers on one level. The multiple computers allow users to connect to the internet anywhere globally, allowing them to research and store different types of information. Many libraries also have access to a backup generator that provides power in the case of a blackout. Whether you are in the main branch of the public library, or you happen to be walking by, the most beautiful libraries around the world wouldn’t be the same without their amazing designs and master planning.


Once in a lifetime experience that is hard to describe, when you go to the library, you will not just be getting access to books, but instead, you will be experiencing the beauty that is there for all to see. I highly recommend visiting the time to visit a few of them and take some time to sit and relax while browsing through some of the greatest works of art that have been produced by human beings. For me, it started in a reading room; then, later, I took my love of history and ancient civilizations into another magnificent building. 

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