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Chapter – 01 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s


MCQ’s for the first year ( 1st Year). Here is the first test of Chemistry. This is the series of Chemistry test for the whole book. We recommended you to follow us and keep visiting. In this test, you can get MCQ’s, short questions and long questions. Here are the test details.

List of Important Prepositions

Q: – 01: Multiple choice questions. Solve all the questions. All questions have equal marks.

  1. amu=?
A) 1.6×10-26 kg B) 1.6×10-27 kg C) 1.6×10-28 kg D) 1.6×10-29 kg
  • M.F is related to E.F by relation?
A) M.F = 2n (E.F) B) M.F = n (2xE.F) C) M.F = n(E.F) D) M.F = n(FF.EE)
  • What will be no. of molecules in 0.1g of Na?
A) 3.5 B) 4.3 C) 4.3×10-4 D)  4.3×10-3

  • Calculate mass of 10-3 moles of CaF2?
A) 0.078g B) 0.12g C) 0.24g D)  0.098g
  • Calculate moles of 9.8g of?
A) 0.5 moles B) 1o moles C) 0.1 moles D) 0.01 moles
  1. How many molecules of water are there is 10g of ice?
A) 6.02 x 1023 B) 3.3×1023 C) 9.9×1023 D) 15×1023
  1. Identify limiting reactant, if the mass of H2 and O2 is 16 g?
A) H2 B) O2 C) H2O D) None
  1. The mass of one mole of the electron is?
A) 1.008 mg B) 0.55 mg C) 0.184 mg D) 1.673 mg
  1. The no. of moles of CO2 which contain 16 g of oxygen?
A) 0.25 g B) 0.5 g C) 1 D) 1.5
  1. Formation of which of o following is the endothermic process?
A) 0 B) O-2 C) F D) Br
  • Avg atomic mass of Ne is?
A) 20.18 amu B) 21.18 amu C) 22.18 amu D) 19.18 amu
  • %age of which element is determined by the method of differences in combustion analysis?
A) C B) H C) O D) Mg

  • Which of the following species are isoelectronic with each other?
A)F2 and O2 B) Nand C-14 C) Na+  and Ne D) Mg and Fe
  • What is the empirical formula of ethylene glycol?
A) CHO B) CH­2O     C) CH­4O    D) CH­3O   
  • Find No. of electrons in 3.2 g of oxygen gas?
A) 1.6 NA B) 3.2 NA C) 4.2 Na D) 8 Na
  • The unit of relative atomic mass is?
A) Kg B) Atm3 C) F D) amu

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