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Chapter – 03 | Chemistry – 11th| MCQ’s


MCQ’s of the class first year. It’s the series of MCQ’s for the Chemistry of 1st Year. This is chapter 03. In this section, you will get MCQ’s from all over the chapter and from past papers.

MCQ’s from Chapter – 03:-

Q: – 01: Multiple choice questions. Solve all the questions. All questions have equal marks.

1 – Does matter exist in states?

a) Tow b) Three c) Four d) Five

2 – 1atm=?

a) 760 torr b) 101325Nm-2 c) 00 torr d) a + b

3 – In fahrenheight will be?

a) 96 F b) 72F c) 102F d) None

4 – 1 Cal =?

a) 41.85 b) 4185 c) 0.4185 d) 4.185

5 – One dm3 of an ideal gas will have no. of molecules?

a) 22.414 b) 2.68×1022 c) 6×1023 d) 6×1022

Chapter – 01 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s

6 – Partial pressure of O­2 in air is?

a) 159 torr b) 116 torr c) 200 torr d) 259 torr

7 – Compressibility factor for an ideal gas is?

a) >1 b) <1 c) =1 d) 0

8 – Which of following is most non ideal?

a) He b) H2 c) N2 d) CO2

9 – S1 unit of anchor wall constant “a” is?

a) atm dm6 mol-2 b) Nm4 mol-2 c) Nm2 mol-2 d) Nm6 mol-2

10 – The sun is ball of plasma?

a) 1.5 billion km b) 1.5 million km c) 1.5 trillion km d) 1.5 km

11 – Smallest particle of universe is?

a) Electron b) Proton c) Neutron d) Quark

12 – 99 % of universe is made up of?

a) Gas b) Liquid c) Solid d) Plasma

13 – Which pair if gas cannot be liquefied by Lind’s method?

a) H2 and CO b) H2 and He c) He and Al d) Fe + Cl2

14 – Which gas starts to diffuse in blood with the increase in depth of the ocean?

a) H2 b) N2 c) He d) O2

15 – B.P of H2O in fahrenheight scale is?

a) 32 F b) 180 F c) 212 F d) 232 F

16 – The unit used by meteorologists is?

a) Bar b) Pascal c) Torr d) mmhg

17 – Sudden expansion causes coding is known as?

a) Heisenberg effect b) Jhol Thomson effect c) Inversion effect d) None

18 – The solid particles possess only?

a) Transitional motion b) Potational motion c) Vibrational motion d) All types of motions

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Chapter – 01 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s

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