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Chapter – 05 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s


MCQ’s multiple-choice questions are the cream of any subject. Most papers on the board and competitive exams are on MCQ’s. This is the series of the chemistry of the first year (11th Class). We are given the already Chapter – 01 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s, Chapter – 03 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s and Chapter – 04 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s. Here are the following MCQ’s of Chapter – 05 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s.

Q: – 01: Multiple choice questions. Solve all the questions. All questions have equal marks.

  • Do fast neutrons travel with the energy of?
a) 1.2 MeV b) 1 eV c) 2 eV d) 3 eV

  • e/m value of electrons is ?
a) 1.7588×10” c/kg b) 1.7588×1010 c/kg c) 1.7588×1012 c/kg d) 1.7588×1013 c/kg
  • e/m value of neutrons is ?
a) 1.7588×10” c/kg b) 1.7588×1010 c/kg c) 1.7588×1012 c/kg d) Zero
  • No. of waves per unit length is known as?
a) Frequency b) Wavenumber c) Wave packets d) Wave speed
  • Do electrons revolve in those orbits which have fixed?
a) Angular acceleration b) Angular velocity c) Moment inertia d) Angular moments
  • Which rays will have a maximum wavelength?
a) Radio b) Micro c) Infrared d) Gamma
  • Blamer series lies in which region?
a) U.V b) I.R c) Visible d) None
  • The unit if wave number is?
a) m b) m-1 c) m2 d) m-2
  • The splitting if spectoal lines in electrical field is called?
a) Zeeman effect b) Stark effect c) Illusion effect d) Maxwell effect
  • Which will have maximum de-Broglie wavelength?
a) H2 b) He c) CO2 d) SO2
  • P subshell can accommodate maximum electrons?
a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8
  • D-orbital can accommodate have many electrons?
a) 10 b) 2 c) 4 d) 6
  • The no. of unpaired electrons in d-subshell of Cr is?
a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 d) 7
  • Quantum number values for 2P is?
a) N=2 , l=1 b) N=1, l=2 c) N=1, l=0 d) N=2, l=0
  • When 6 cl orbital is completed, the chtering electrons went to?
a) 7b b) 7s c) 7p d) 7d
  • The number of orbitals in sublevels is given by?
a) (2l+1) b) n+l c) (2l-1) d) 2(2l+1)
  • When x-ray strike alumina, it glows?
a) Yellow b) Red c) Green d) Blue

  • When subjected to magnetic field positive rays are deflected towards?
a) North pole b) South pole c) Prependicle to field d) None
  • Does a neutron possess all of the following except?
a) Proton b) Electron c) Neutron d) Positron
  • The mass of hydrogen atom is ______germ?
a) 1.008 b) 1.0008 c) 1.6×1024 d) 2.016
  • The mass of one of mole of electron?
a) 9.1×10-31kg b) 0.55mg c) 1.0078g d) 1.00085 g
  • The charge on one mole of electrons is _____cox mbs?
a) 96500 b) 1.6×10-19 c) 0 d) 1.6×10+19

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