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Chapter – 06 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s

MCQ’s are for quick testing knowledge about your subjects, interviews and written tests. This is the series of the chemistry of 11th class. We already published the MCQ’s of Chapter – 01 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s, Chapter – 03 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s, Chapter – 04 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s and this is the Chapter – 06 | Chemistry – 11th | MCQ’s.

MCQ’s of Chapter – 06:-

Q: – 01: Multiple choice questions. Solve all the questions. All questions have equal marks.

  • Elements have the tendency to attain 8 electrons in the outermost shell, the rule is called?
a) Octet rule b) Hunds rule c) Paul’s rule d) Aufbau rule
  • The shape of NH­3, H2O, and CH3OH can be explained by?
a) SP3 Hybridization b) SP2 hybridization c) SP hybridization d) All
  • Which has no dipole moment?

a) HCl b) H2S c) H2O d) CO2
  • The bond angle b/w CH4 is equal to?
a) 109.5 b) 107.5 c) 104.5 d) 120
  • On the basis of vesper theory SO2 us?
a) Linear molecule b) Bent molecule c) Strong molecule d) Gaseus molecule

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