Importance of Education

Importance of Education

Why is it important to have an Education? First and foremost, Education gives us the ability to learn and read. Learning and reading are the very first step to intellectual life. Without learning and reading, we are destined to be ignorant.


Apart from the obvious fact that a literate person can participate effectively in society, a literate person can understand and receive the appropriate rewards. The other obvious advantage of having a good education is that it helps us acquire knowledge, which is beneficial for future use. It also helps us acquire skills necessary for achieving success in work and other endeavors. Thus, good education equips us with the proper intellectual abilities for achieving success in life. So, why is it that there are many disadvantages associated with having a good education?

The disadvantages stem from the fact that most fortunate enough people to get a good education don’t utilize that education to achieve success in life. Many people don’t realize the importance of a good education. Lack of proper education means living a mediocre life rather than a better life.


Lack of self-confidence is another disadvantage. If a person lacks self-confidence, they are less likely to be assertive or seek others’ help. A good education helps us become more assertive, thus increasing our self-confidence. Self-confidence is a major factor in achieving success and advancement in life.


A literate person is also likely to be more successful in business. A good education system ensures that a person doesn’t have the least qualifications. In fact, most modern businesses are run by those who have the qualifications and are trained by a good education system. People without qualifications can’t become doctors, teachers, bankers, or any other profession. They might be able to get jobs where they could help improve some person’s life, but that would be limited.

proper education

A person who does not receive proper education is likely to fail to succeed in marriage, children, and even in a career. Marriage without education means a couple would have less communication, and this creates marital problems. Children without education poorly behave, and this could lead to criminal behavior in the future.


Lack of self-confidence makes us view obstacles as challenges to overcome with no greater potential to succeed in any field. In fact, any challenge we face in life is considered a challenge to overcome. The ability to think, plan, and coordinate are the core values on which a successful organization is based. And a primary factor behind successful people and the merit of developed countries is education. Education not only makes us understand more about the world, but it also makes us see the truth about anything in the world. People without a basic education are usually not well-read and don’t have the ability to analyze things in new ways.


A person with knowledge of only one thing can face a problem without any solution, whereas a person with multiple skills and capabilities can solve many problems without effort. Being educated means having multiple capabilities and the ability to solve problems. Education helps us change something and change it better and helps us see a different perspective in any situation. So the importance of education should be understood very deeply.


We should understand that a good education separates us from others and brings us closer to the rest of the world. If we can understand this, we will also realize the importance of having a good education. It is true that without education, a person is useless. It has been studied that educated people are happier, have better health, live longer, and are more productive. So if we want to lead a better society, we should ensure that every child gets an education.

education makes a person more intelligent

Education indeed makes a person more intelligent. It teaches people how to handle their mental stress, personal life, and social life. It is because of this special status in their lives that educated people feel motivated and happy. Happiness is indeed a product of education, but it is also true that happiness made of education results in better satisfaction but also their community and the nation. A happy student makes a good teacher and a successful president.


In conclusion, education empowers people and, in the end, makes them responsible for the improvement of their own society and the world. Self-confidence and education help us be successful. If you want to make your life a great success, it pays to know how to be confident.

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