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List of Important Prepositions 2019 | Quiz Pack -1


Prepositions are words that used to connect pronouns, nouns, and phrases to other words within a sentence. They used to link places, objects, people, time, and locations of a sentence.

Here is the important list of prepositions; we collect this list form past competitive exams. You can use these prepositions for all types of exams NTS, PPSC, FPSC, and all types of interviews.


List of Prepositions:-

Here is the list of important prepositions. You can get 50 prepositions in this list.

1. He is indebted_________his friend for a large sum.

(a)     To*             ( b)    For

(c )    By               (d)     With

2. He was indifferent to all the good counsels of his parents and so got_________trouble.

(a)     With           (b)     By

(c )    In*              (d)     On

3. I saw a man on the roadside________looked like my uncle.

(a)     That           (b)     Who*

(c)     Whom        (d)     Which

4. His is so impatiens with good advice that I despair_________making any impression on him.

(a)     On              (b)     Off

(c)     In                (d)     Of*

5. She could not arrive _________any conclusion.

(a)     At*             (b)     On

(c)     In                (d)     Upon

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