The Effect of Chicago Style Argumentative Essay on Dissertation Writing

The Effect of Chicago Style Argumentative Essay on Dissertation Writing

Essay Writing on Books can be Best Friends. They were always intended to write an article on why Books are such great friends. However, when you read the article, you will find that there are quite a few disadvantages. There is a much bigger advantage to them than that, however.


There are a lot of advantages to learning Sanskrit and reading books in any language. There is no doubt that reading a book is a perfect way to learn a language. The main advantages of studying Sanskrit and books in any other language are like, for instance, learning from your parents or grandparents. Those are the people who took the time to teach you what they knew. They were never supposed to teach you, but they did, and now you have to follow.


If you have your parent’s or grandparents’ advantage, you would not know about Books’ disadvantages. Those disadvantages are presented here for your free education. A huge advantage to learning Sanskrit, from a computer perspective, is that you can skip many of those disadvantages. Computer essay topics will be boring because of all those disadvantages that we have been talking about.

critical thinking component

One of the disadvantages of learning Sanskrit is that most courses don’t have much of a critical thinking component. It isn’t even possible that a computer course will give you critical thinking in the way that a course in the humanities will. In most courses that I have attended in the last three decades, the critical thinking component has been cut out. It is just not feasible. In this case, the Books are Best Friends again.


How can Books Be Best Friends? When writing a critical essay, the essay’s topic is important, and the methodology is important. The methodology determines whether your research paper is well written, well-substantiated, and perhaps best reported. However, it does not determine the result. That is where Books come in. The Books that I recommend to my students who want to learn Sanskrit are The Effect of Indian Writing in English by Edward Kaplan; An Elementary Introduction to Indian Language and Culture, edited by S. R. Nigam; Sanskrit, the Language of Nature, edited by J. R. Amin; The Oxford Companion to Indian Education, edited by G. S. Sachdev and D. N. Roach. These books will all teach you about the impact of Sanskrit on English, its role in society and economy, and the intricacies of writing a good essay.


The worst thing that may happen when you are defending your thesis on Books Is Best Friends is to use an unfamiliar essay title used by someone else in a similar study. Students become defensive immediately when they see that their teacher uses an unfamiliar essay title to defend their thesis. As a student, you do not have the luxury of using your thesis as a free pass to escape from your professor’s challenge.

academic writing

If your essay is so interesting, engaging, and articulate, your professor may be tempted to give you a careful review. However, he or she would not want to copy your academic writing from an essay sample or a book. If you use an overly-personalized dissertation paper title, your professor may not want you to read the entire case study pdf, which is required for a case study. Again, you do not want to be accused of plagiarism because your Ph.D. dissertation’s title is not what prompted the eminent scholar of the field to write his or her own paper.


I would not hesitate to recommend some of the books above to my students who desperately want a Sanskrit perspective on their Ph.D. dissertation. You must read my blog post on the effect of a Chicago-style argumentative essay for further guidance on this topic. Good luck!

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