The Importance of Job For Survival

The Importance of Job For Survival

What is the meaning of having a job for survival? Is there any significance in it at all? Can it be considered an advantage or a disadvantage? Is it better than not having a job? If one’s survival must have a job for survival, what are its benefits and disadvantages?


Having a job brings a lot of advantages. It may not bring you much money, but there are various ways by which one can make some money. Besides getting paid for your efforts, you will also be serving the community by helping them out in emergency times. There are many reasons for someone to work hard at such jobs that are considered as advantages.


But, having a job brings a lot of disadvantages too. There are times when you lose your job. This may occur due to unimportant reasons like you got a transfer to another department without proper notice. Another reason may be, you have been put in difficult circumstances that force you to quit.

always have a job even if you lose yours

But, you will always have a job even if you lose yours. You may have had a good experience working in a department, but it could have been a bad one. Or, you may have been unlucky enough to get fired from a department that paid well. The worst-case may be that you have been laid off. If you are lucky enough to have a job still, you should maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.


One of the greatest advantages of having a job is the fact that you will have

a supportive family at your back. But, there are demerits of having a job for survival too. The first disadvantage is the money factor. If you wonder how this can affect your survival, you need to understand that the money will support you until you find another job or find another source of income. Besides the money, having a job can also help you build up your self-esteem and confidence.


Even though you may have worked in a dead-end job position before, building up your self-esteem and confidence should not be a problem. Many job positions offer better pay and more security than dead-end jobs. But, you still need to do your job and make sure that you do your best. Even though your security may be compromised, there are still many benefits of having a job. One of the benefits of having a job for survival is that you can help build your family’s future by providing them with a better future.


Many people may think that having a job will make them happy. This is only true if you have found a good job position. Finding a good job position means that you have searched hard enough to get a job position that you are interested in. If you do not have a job, you will not have any benefits and little if any pay.


Life is concise, but you do not have to waste your life on a boring job position. You can have a great job for survival by building up your self-esteem and confidence. Having a job for survival can mean the difference between your happiness and financial destruction.

time to develop your survival skills

It takes time to develop your survival skills. There are no quick shortcuts to success. You may have had a job for years without developing any skills at all. However, it takes time to develop those skills. Developing those skills means putting into practice those skills you already know.


When looking for a job for survival, make sure you have a few requirements in mind:

  1. You need to be able to work in a team environment.
  2. You need to work in a situation where your job could be taken away easily.
  3. Make sure your work is challenging and rewarding.

The essential things are, the more likely you will find a job position that will allow you to develop those skills.


Remember, having a job is critical to your survival skills. Do not pass up the opportunity to develop those survival skills by not seeking out a job position that has the skill that is important to you. You’ll be happy you did!

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