The Purpose of Education in This Modern Era

The Purpose of Education in This Modern Era

Modern education has given a lot of importance to the purpose of education. Today, when education is almost included in all curriculum, many people question the importance of this education. The main reason behind their doubts is that they feel that education has become a political tool to serve the few’s wills. They believe that all that is required from an individual is a good education and career in this modern era.


There are many arguments on this issue. There are those people who believe that modern schooling is just one aspect of a very complex system. In fact, the modern educational system is such a complex system that can be said to be the most elaborate one. Even then, there are still those people who disagree with this belief.

Education is believed to have many advantages. The advantages are many. One of the most important advantages is that education is thought to have prepared individuals for life. It is also believed that education helps in producing rational and well-informed citizens. Education, in fact, has many advantages.


This is essential to note that education does not mean schooling. Though both are similar in many ways, there is much difference between them. Moreover, unlike what some people believe, one cannot be educated or trained in both fields simultaneously.


Education also gives a sense of independence to its students. This independence is most likely to result in a successful and prosperous life. It is also one of the greatest advantages that one can acquire in life. Many other advantages come with education; some of them are mentioned below.

drastic change

With the evolution of the modern era, there has been a drastic change in gender relationships. This is another advantage of the education that makes it popular among females. Females tend to be more idealistic and want to become successful than males. Hence, they always want to gain knowledge to one day contribute something to society.


Another benefit of education is that it increases the social interaction between students. When students interact with each other, they tend to learn from each other. They also develop camaraderie and become friends with their classmates. This is very important as no country can boast of a well-educated population if its citizens do not have friendly relationships with their fellows.


Lastly, education serves the ultimate purpose of a human being. It is his/her right to learn. Hence, if humans do not learn from these lessons, it is likely that they will not remember any of the lessons at all. Therefore, without education, people will remain ignorant about their duties and responsibilities towards society.


There was a time when students were restricted to studying subjects that had been prescribed by their professors. However, in this modern era, things have changed. Students are now given multiple choices in subjects depending on their interests and talents. Hence, they can choose a subject that they find interesting and relevant.


As mentioned earlier, education is necessary for a successful future. Today, most students go to college even if they do not have the means to incur additional expenses. Also, students are now able to complete their graduation with loans provided by their parents. Hence, there has been a marked improvement in the quality of life of many people today.

success of tomorrow

Education is not only beneficial for today’s generation. It is also crucial for the success of tomorrow. Therefore, the education system in the country must remain on track. Parents should provide their children with the required level of education to grow up well and succeed in life.


Parents should ensure that the child is enrolled in the right school. They should not only be concerned about the educational facility that their child gets, but they should be equally concerned about the success of their child in life. They should make sure that the child goes to a school where they can acquire the requisite quality of education. If they can do so, then the parents would be happy at the end of the day. This is the purpose of education in this modern era.

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